Junior Squad Program

About Our Program

 In 2016, the Hawkins County Rescue Squad Junior Membership Committee re-establishment the Junior Squad Program. The program is being reincarnated as an effort to  engage youth to pursue public service and to grow the membership of the  Rescue Squad with tomorrow’s leaders. By participating in a youth  program, members said, young people gain confidence, develop mechanical  skills and aptitude, and gain a greater awareness of personal safety. A  vital purpose, particularly among programs affiliated with  volunteer-dependent organizations, is to provide an ever-evolving supply  of interested, involved, trained and experiences young people who might  become adult emergency service providers when they outgrow the youth  program. As community-service volunteers, Junior Recruits will develop a  sense of public service among youth in the county, assist with all  levels of operation within the Squad, and come to understand the great  level of compassion and training required to assist persons in their  time of need. 


Junior Membership Committee
Director- Michelle Mallory
Deputy Director- Sandra Lewis
Committee Members
Corey Young

Amanda Young
Tim Luttrell
Randy Price

Lynn Campbell

Brad Watts 

How do I apply to become a Junior Member??

Junior Squad Application Packets are available by clicking on the link below in PDF format or at the Rescue Squad building on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. The online version must be printed off and completed prior to being turned in.