2019 -  2020 Officers
President- Karla Delph
Vice President- Judy Hawkins
Secretary- Rhonda Ford
Chaplin- Kim Lawson
Chaplin- Tina Morgan
Parlimentary- Hannah Hunter
Scrapbook- Sandra Lewis

Treasurer: Rita Legg

Heather Watts
Nikita Ford
Stephaine Helton

Lifetime Members
Minnie Carpenter
Karla Delph
Judy Hawkins
France Lawson
Doris Woods
Tina Morgan
Hannah Hunter

The  Hawkins County Crewettes were organized August 7, 1962 with 18 members.  The organization consists of wives and daughters of the Rescue Squad  members. The purpose is to aid and assist the Rescue Squad when needed.   The Hawkins County Crewettes are members of the Women's Auxiliary  Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads.  The crewettes are very proud of  their mobile kitchen, which they have worked very hard to pay for  through many different projects. This kitchen is useful when emergencies  arise and the crewettes are called to serve food to the Squad members.  They are a vital and very necessary part of our Squad activities.

What is a Crewette?
A  Crewette is a wife and mother. On many occasions she has to fill in and  take the place of a father, because, aside from her regular job, her  husband in on call twenty-four (24) hours each day to one of the most  worthwhile volunteer organizations of our day, the Rescue Squad. She may  be a Sunday School teacher and you'll most likely find her with her  family at worship. She knows this should be the first and foremost thing  in her life for it is the most important, the spiritual welfare of her  family. Sometimes she has to go alone, because the call of duty for her  husband is no respecter of days. She is thankful he has a talent which  enables him to help those in need of the services he renders, which  could make the difference between life and death for someone. She prays  and seeks the divine guidance of God - for those he serves and for this  protection. She is thankful to share this life with him. She may be a  PTA president or serve in various other offices of the school. She knows  she must be interested in the welfare of her children as well as  others. There are plays to go see - meetings to attend - and cookies to  make for a homeroom party. She's a marching mother for the March of  Dimes. You will find her active in many community projects such as the  Heart or Cancer fund drives. She knows these projects benefit people who  are in need. She performs many duties as a Crewette. You'll find her in  a meeting one night a month, planning ways her organization can best  serve their squad. She may have enough hours of first aid training to  qualify her to work along with her husband in various types of  activities. Her next duty may be to serve food on the banks of a lake or  river to rescue squads who search for drowning victims - sometimes this  service takes her across the state. On the lighter side, she may be  needed as cook and hostess for a district meeting or to help plan a  convention. She enjoys the fun and fellowship of a summertime picnic for  the squad members and their families. The giant Christmas tree and the  children's Christmas party. The family night dinners and banquets.  Seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the State Convention and the  excitement when trophies are awarded at the Gala Banquet. The fund of  working together on projects to raise money. She knows a task worthwhile  takes time and work. You may find her at a bake sale, selling the goods  she has furnished and baked herself. She may be selling articles from  door to door for her squad, or cooking and serving spaghetti or hot  dogs. She may be up a dawn at a rummage sale. Yes - all over the state,  Crewettes are pretty much the same. She is a busy person, she works  hard, she has fun, and she knows the rewards outweigh the hard work,  whether material or the ones she carries within her heart. She knows  loneliness when left alone in the evenings - keeping dinner warm for  hours, or being alone on birthdays and wedding anniversaries. She knows  happiness when she has helped with a project that has helped to buy new  uniforms, a piece of equipment, or helped furnish the squad hall. She  knows sadness for the families of those who could not be helped by her  husband's services. But most of all, who knows gratitude to God for the  opportunity of sharing this life with her husband in service to mankind,  the kind of service it does not take money to get. Yes - all this she  does in the name of the greatest of all men who said, "Whatsoever you do  to the least of these - You do also unto me, your Father in Heaven."  -Dorthy Brooks 1965