Multi-Jurisdictional Rope Rescue Team


Information About Team

In the Spring of 2019, members from various public safety agencies throughout Hawkins and Hancock Counties decided to combine training and resources to form a Multi-Jurisdictional Rope Rescue Team.

Why was a Multi-Jurisdictional Team Created? 

Hawkins County and surrounding areas have both natural formations and manmade structures that would require Rope Rescue access to persons trapped in or on them. Prior to the creation of the team, when a rescue demanding low or high angle rope techniques somewhere in the county or neighboring county there are likely to be too few emergency personnel available to conduct the operation safely. Depending upon mutual aid from adjoining counties will mean extra time lost in the rescue of what may be critically injured patient(s). 

The team is currently made up of members from Hawkins County Rescue Squad, Hancock County Rescue Squad, Hawkins County Emergency Response Team, Bulls Gap Volunteer Fire Department, Goshen Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Mount Carmel Fire Department, Stanley Valley Volunteer Fire Department, and Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. Membership to the team is open to any member that belongs to a public safety agency in Hawkins or Hancock Counites.